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Fly Masks

We hate watching out horses battle the flys. So we buy them things. Spray, boots, masks. How much and how often depends on what level of horse mom you are. And when we buy those things, specifically maks, we think to ourselves "I wonder how long this will last." Well, wonder no longer, my destruct-o horse will answer those questions for you and hopefully, save you a buck in the meantime. 


Crusader Fly mask standard with ears

The first fly mask I ever bought him. He looked darn cute and must not have like that, because the mask was ripped down the seam the next day. I found it in the neighbors stall, so I know he had an accomplice. However, Stetson is the head honcho between his two neighbors, at least from what I've seen, so I know that if he didn't want that mask off, he wouldn't have let that mare touch him. The ears were torn into and the stitching had been pulled out from the seams. Because the packaging of the mask had the word "durable" on the front, I contacted Cashel to see if they had a warranty policy for the masks. Low and behold they have a 60-day warranty on the fly mask (don't ask me why) and I was sent a replacement. 

Two days later and the replacement had suffered the same fate. 

I took the original back to D&B Supply and was able to return it, however, I don't recommend it. The manager gave me a stern lecture about them being 1,000 lb animals and all that and was clearly unhappy about returning the product. I just smiled and gave her my credit card.  

I think the ears might have made it easier for the horses to destroy the mask. This also lines up with Stetson's personality. He liked to get into things and I'm not entirely surprised the mask ended up the way that it did. 

Have a destruct-o horse like me? Then this fly mask isn't for you. 

Due to the warranty policy and my horses' clear disdain for the product I'll give the mask a...


*Not recommended for naughty horses.  


Roma Fly Mask.jpg

Roma fly mask with ears

The next victim. Another girl at the barn recommended this mask to me. She has a destruct-o horse as well and it has already outlasted the Cashel mask by ten. We will see if it is up to Stetson's standards... 


Fly sprays

Once you find the fly spray that works for you, you order it in gallons. Depending on your horse and your enviornment it can be tricky to track down. Check below for a review of all the fly sprays I've tried to see what works best for you and your horse.


Endure Sweat Resistant fly spray

The Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray is advertised to resist sweat and water, last up to 14 days, and protect against a range of flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, and lice. 

It does none of those things.

This fly spray does not work. The flies are on my horse minutes after application. Because it never seems to take effect at all I can't really tell you if it resists sweat or water. It's never made it that far. I purchased it because it was reasonably priced and rated highly online. It must work for others but it absolutely did not work for me. 



Ultrashield green fly repellent

I selected this product because it was all natural. I'm not necessarily opposed to chemical fly sprays, but I wanted to give the all natural guy a go. I used this fly spray at the height of the fly season. Stetson and I both were twitching from flys in and out of the saddle. The fly spray had some effect, and was probably at a disadvantage to it's other competitiors because of the time of year, but it was not a big hitter. It works. It's all natural. But I'm going to countinue to search for a better options.



OutSmart fly spray

This product is currently under review.