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The Idaho Equestrian is a blog following my equine ups and downs with Stetson, my AQHA gelding.  I hope to bring a fresh, adult ameteaur perspective as I - attempt - to master this intricate sport. Natural horsemanship, self-funded product reviews, and ameteaur photos await you. Follow us on Instagram @theidahoequestrian so you never miss an update. 



I am not a vet, trainer, equine nutritionist, or equine professional. All reviews, recommendations, and opinions are based on my research and/or hands on experience as a consumer. Please consult your equine professional when you make changes to your horses diet, exercise routine, shoeing practices, etc.


Kentucky Research EO-3

After finishing our review of Equine Omega Complete and deciding not to continue with the product Stetson will be getting a minimum of a month without any products so his system can reset. We will be starting a test run of Kentucky Equine Research EO-3 in Spring 2019.

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Stetson and I spent 6 months reviewing the Equine Omega Complete supplement. Hit the button below for the final review.